John Jezzini

Entrepreneurship & Real Estate

John Jezzini, based out of Los Angeles, California, is the CEO and Founder of Growth Network Holdings. As an entrepreneur and trailblazer in the cannabis industry, he has combined his previous real estate and business experience with his expertise in cannabis cultivation to create a vertically-integrated ecosystem that continues to expand exponentially. John possesses over a decade of experience in the cannabis space, beginning his journey with the industry in 2009. 

Regarded as an innovator in the rapidly-evolving and competitive industry, John is a prominent industrial designer for cultivation and distribution systems within cannabis. Realizing the space held massive potential, he began developing proprietary cultivation methodologies. John Jezzini’s innovation led to the propagation of the strongest plants, larger yields, and market-leading profit margins. 

Beginning in 2011, John has opened and operated a number of cannabis dispensaries throughout Los Angeles. In an effort to address a gap within the cannabis space, he created The High Note—a new kind of dispensary featuring a premier environment and high-end hospitality that caters to both cannabis connoisseurs and the curious. 

Giving a nod to speakeasies of the past, as well as the modern prohibition repeal of cannabis, The High Note experience is truly one of a kind. With expansion in mind, John designed the retail space as a model that can be replicated across the country in other legal cannabis markets. 

At Growth Network Holdings, John Jezzini and his team are building a portfolio of world-class brands, with each brand offering a unique experience and connection point with specific consumers. In addition to The High Note, the company works with Ervana, Amigo Cannabis, and Coalition. 

Unlike other companies in the industry, Growth Network Holdings’ vertically-integrated ecosystem bypasses the high costs and bandwidth gaps that often go hand-in-hand with distribution and manufacturing. Their approach, quite simply, allows them to carve out a scalable business, achieve higher margins, and create a reliable and consistent supply chain. 

Before founding Growth Network Holdings, John Jezzini worked for many years within the real estate industry. He started his career with Wells Fargo as a senior underwriter before joining The Mortgage Store Financial as the Director of Business Development. There, he managed a national sales team of over 300 employees and was responsible for over $3 billion in funding. In 2009, John co-founded Solomon One, a Los Angeles-based real estate development company that specializes in residential and commercial properties. 

Outside of his career, John is an active philanthropist who believes strongly in corporate and cultural responsibility. Throughout the growth of his companies, he has prioritized tying his brand to impactful charities. For instance, Growth Network Holdings’ brand, Ervana, has a partnership with One Tree Planted, an organization that plants one tree for every ounce of cannabis they sell.

Additionally, John Jezzini is passionate about Midnight Mission, a charity founded in 1916 by a gentleman whose mission was to eradicate homelessness and help those in need. In the century since its inception, the organization has evolved exponentially. Now, they work to help those who have lived on the streets for years find ways to live a normal life by teaching them valuable life skills, such as increasing and maintaining credit, trade skills, and opening a bank account. 

John is also active with Midnight Mission’s sister organization, Home Light, which helps suffering women and children. He developed and personally funds the Jezzini Learning Center, a program that helps children fill the gaps in their education so that they are able to integrate back into their grade levels. The Jezzini Learning Center has helped numerous children transition back into the education system and even go on to college and earn scholarships. 

To learn more about John Jezzini and his insight into entrepreneurship, be sure to visit his blog.