Entrepreneurship is a career path that many people take, but not everyone is suited for it. There are many challenges of starting a business that people underestimate. However, anyone can work on the skills required to become a successful entrepreneur. The following signs will tell you whether you are ready to become an entrepreneur or whether you need to work on yourself a little longer.

You Like To Iterate

Entrepreneurs are master troubleshooters. Give them a process and they will pick it apart piece by piece until they find opportunities for improvement. If you find enjoyment in fixing things that work “well enough”, you may have a great mindset for an entrepreneur. A true entrepreneur knows there is always room to grow, so cultivate this perspective before setting off to start your own business.

You Seek Out Leadership Opportunities

Whether it be at work, a volunteer organization, or your household, if you are someone who thrives in leadership, you will be well-suited to entrepreneurship. Seeking out leadership roles is a sign that you like to be challenged, and entrepreneurship is one of the most challenging career paths out there. Consider starting a company if you find yourself drawn to leadership.

You Have Great People Skills

Entrepreneurs need to wear many hats, and most of them involve working directly with people. One day you may be soliciting feedback for your product. Another, you might have a meeting with potential investors. A third day may see you holding an all-hands meeting with your team. In each scenario, you need to know what people want and how to say it in an engaging way. Additionally, it is important to understand how to give bad news, as every company inevitably has to at some point or another.

You Like Rapid Change

No two days are the same in the life of an entrepreneur. To be successful, you have to navigate through the many moving parts of your business. If you struggle to adapt to new situations, you may want to consider how you can work on this skill. An entrepreneur who is afraid of change will not be able to successfully run operations and may do better working for someone else.

You Are Comfortable With Risk

Risk is one of the top fears of entrepreneurs, but it is a necessity. There is risk in selling a product, hiring new employees, and taking on loans. Risks show up in every facet of a business, with some risks being larger than others. Entrepreneurs need to understand when a risk is worth taking and when it isn’t. They also should be able to discern between anxiety and a bad feeling about an opportunity.

Entrepreneurs need to have a tremendous amount of skills in a wide array of fields. However, someone who is ready to become an entrepreneur will surely see all of the aforementioned signs.