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Often it feels like entrepreneurs are required to wear many hats – and that’s because it is true. To succeed, entrepreneurs have taken charge of their careers and businesses. But in doing so, they have to master many different skills.

Skills such as giving effective feedback and advice to employees and coworkers are essential to entrepreneurs. While this may be an uncomfortable part of the job, it is still a vital puzzle piece. A good entrepreneur understands that employee success drives the success of the business.

Make It Constructive

First things first – when providing feedback, make sure that it is constructive in nature. That is to say, don’t just point out a flaw; provide advice on how to improve going forward. According to Forbes, when giving feedback, make sure that it contains three parts: a fact-based observation, an explanation, and a recommendation.

Be Positive

On a related note, try to stay as positive as possible when providing feedback. One easy way to do this is to keep the good and the bad in equal measure. Whenever commenting on something negative, bring up something the employee is doing right. Furthermore, there is nothing wrong with reaching out to an employee to reward them on a task well done. It is encouraged.

An employee who only ever hears from their boss when something is wrong is a surefire way to lead to burnout. It’s exhausting dealing with constant negativity, so try to balance that out by creating positive moments.

Be Specific

One of the most essential pieces of advice when it comes to feedback is that one must always be specific. Telling somebody that their work isn’t good accomplishes nothing other than disheartening the employee, that is.

Explain the problem in detail, and provide just as much detail for ways of improvement. This is the best way to create a clear path to success and prevent frustrations.


Leading by example is a key way to create a positive yet effective work environment. Don’t be a boss that constantly says, ‘do as I say, not as I do.’ When asking employees to take particular advice, make sure that you also are following this advice. Set the right example, and hold yourself accountable.