Social media is an essential part of the entrepreneur’s toolkit. It serves many purposes, allowing an entrepreneur to multitask and enhance their business all in one. 

This is a tool most often overlooked by newer entrepreneurs. However, this is a grave mistake. Read below to better understand the benefits of social media for entrepreneurs. 


Any entrepreneur establishes a business intending to make profits. Before setting it up, an investor analyzes the intended market to identify market gaps. What follows after starting operations is undertaking a market strategy to promote goods or services to customers. 

In this dispensation of technology, social media plays an imperative role in marketing. Businesses must build strong brands with customers, with 73 % of marketers terming it a vital marketing component. Social media exposes a company to potential customers, converting social media likes and comments into sales. However, entrepreneurs must be conscious of their time on social media, ensuring that it doesn’t end up as time wastage by following the following tips.

Marketing Strategy

In using social media as a marketing strategy, entrepreneurs should first have a market segmentation, helping to understand the specific people they’re targeting on social media. They can obtain such segments by first analyzing the friends on personal social media channels and determining their reception to a brand. 

After having clearly defined market segments, it’s good to understand people’s communications, the type of social media posts to use, and how to meet market gaps. This analysis is achieved through perusing Facebook groups. Competitor strategies also form a background of what a business should do to implement social media campaigns.

While using social media as a marketing strategy, entrepreneurs have the option to choose from an extensive list of content forms, such as videos, blogs, infographics, and e-books. No business has unscheduled surplus funds for marketing; it entails budgeting. 

Marketers must choose the best forms of content that align with their market segments and business’ strengths. Besides, different social media platforms provide various forms of content. The choice of a platform, such as Facebook or LinkedIn, depends on the other forms of content.


The other tip for having an effective social media strategy is feeding social media users content. However, it’s imperative to make smart goals to ensure users don’t get accustomed to content for a short time, and marketers start starving them after realizing it’s impossible to match content supply with users’ demand. For instance, it’s imperative to prepare content for a particular period, like every week. Lastly, based on what seems right with social media followers, entrepreneurs should adopt a strategy to be used but under continuous improvements.