It’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs to be juggling multiple projects at once. If nothing else, they are responsible for finding a balance between their busy work life, their home life, and any other obligations that come their way.

Naturally, that means that entrepreneurs must find what works best for them in regards to time management. While there are hundreds of different tips and tricks out there, each entrepreneur must customize their routines and management activities.

Use Technology

There are countless inventions out there that have saved countless amounts of time, especially for entrepreneurs. There are countless ways that technology can be applied to help shave off some extra time during the week.

For example, entrepreneurs can set up automatic (and recurring) payments for bills, expenses, and more. Scheduling apps make it simple to arrange meetings, prepare social media posts, and send out reminders. 

These days, there’s an app for everything. These apps can do everything from creating reminders, coaching through tasks (including workouts), and automating busy work. This is barely scratching the surface when it comes to how technology can help save time. Take advantage of it. 

Schedule Everything

The concept of scheduling everything may sound like it’s a little much, but it makes sense. By adding any task or meeting to a schedule, one can easily achieve a few things. First, it guarantees that the item won’t be forgotten.

Second, it helps to put a time limit on unplanned events. Get roped into an unplanned teleconference? On the bright side, you officially have a set time that this meeting needs to be done. 

Create Blocks of Time

Instead of trying to multitask, create blocks of time. This is because multitasking tends to result in less than optimal work while tiring out the tasker in the process. Not the best use of time, is it?

This is because you’re splitting up your time and attention between multiple challenges instead of giving an individual task your sole focus. Instead, tactics such as the Pomodoro Technique are better suited to working efficiently.

This technique requires you to first write out (either mentally or physically) a priority list. Next, set a timer and work through the list – dealing with only one list item at a time. Repeat until done.